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learn Spanish 2

We make learning a new language fun, in a friendly environment.

-Adults can have group classes or they can have private classes.

Private classes...

are given on demand and we use a BONO system where you pay 10 classes in advance. It´s necessary to  make an appointment beforehand. Level and books are to be determent between student and teacher.

Group classes...

are given twice a week, for one hour. By teachers who are experienced to work with adults and have a successful track record in teaching Spanish to adults.

-If a student misses a class they can catch up in another class. Missed classes are not refunded.

-Here the teachers will speak Spanish in class and the students will be encouraged and motivated in a positive, fun way  to speak Spanish as well. If you want to speed up this process you can do this by watching television programs in Spanish or listen to Spanish music or read books in Spanish.

-Students are encouraged to participate in the modern way to learn and speak Spanish, besides using the books, by using topics which are relevant for the students at their age. We will use, music, television and film as a stepping stone to learn to talk/discus  in Spanish, reading books and talk about topics of the day.

-Small classes, no more than 12 students per class.

-Friendly environment.

-Classes are in the following levels available: beginners, pre- intermediate, intermediate, advanced.

The English Centre
Gran Vía del Norte 23, Bajo
Tel. 96 169 1755
or contact us: e-mail:info@ecbetera.es